Teaching at the Hella’MEntal Tango Festival

Few events have the feeling as Thomaston’s Hella’MEntal tango festival. During the same weekend was the Baltimore Tango Festival or Element. This event felt like the anti-element. It was a de-corporatized tango festival with camping, meals together, camp fires, skits, black lights, fire eating and all. This event was held at a private residence in a barn that was about 150 years+. The floors were wonky, the lights were dim, and the mood was awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier weekend. To teach at this festival wasn’t like we were teaching a class but more like we were just sharing a tip with a friend. With about 80 people in attendance and about 3/4’s of them in our class, the vibe was just amazing. Thank you Hella’MEntal for the invite to teach, perform, and break bread with you. Abrazos – Adam and Tilly