Cervilla Men’s Tango Shoes

Cervilla Men’s Tango Shoes. There are many reasons as to why I sell Cervilla Tango shoes. Atop the list are of course build quality and comfort but the three most important reasons why I sell Cervilla Tango Shoes is because:

  1. 1. They are the shoes I wear (see reasons 2 and 3 as to why)
  2. 2. They offer split sole shoes. I changed to split sole shoes a few years ago because they allow me the option to roll onto and off of my foot with much great dexterity than a single soled shoe.
  3. 3. All of their shoes come with soft rubber heels. Now, most leads are used to having wood heels and they continue to do so only because many of the shoes offered on the market come with them. What I discovered after 13 years of dancing on wood heels and switching to rubber heels is that my knee problems were caused by the wood heels. My knee problems subsided within days after switching to Cervilla shoes.

Cervilla tango shoes come in many styles, colors, designs.  My first shipment is nearly sold out and I have not put an order in for my second shipment. I have considered offering another shoe brand that I like but I need to discuss this option with the company when I go to Buenos Aires in Jan 2016. Stay tuned for news regarding new shoe offerings. I want to continue to bring to you company’s that offer a great product at a great price.

To view the shoes that I have left in my store go to http://adamandtilly.com/product-category/mens-tango-shoes/