Adam and Tilly’s Ramblings

Teaching at the Hella’MEntal Tango Festival

Few events have the feeling as Thomaston’s Hella’MEntal tango festival. During the same weekend was the Baltimore Tango Festival or Element. This event felt like the anti-element. It was a de-corporatized tango festival with camping, meals together, camp fires, skits, black lights, fire eating and all. This event was held at a private residence in a...

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Cervilla Men’s Tango Shoes

Cervilla Men’s Tango Shoes. There are many reasons as to why I sell Cervilla Tango shoes. Atop the list are of course build quality and comfort but the three most important reasons why I sell Cervilla Tango Shoes is because: 1. They are the shoes I wear (see reasons 2 and 3 as to why)...

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Teaching in Taiwan and China

Tilly and I had a wonderful time exploring, DJ’ing and teaching in Taiwan. Unfortunately we did not get a lot of pictures however we are headed back to Taiwan in 2016 and we will take lots of photos. Taipei is an amazing city with great food and amazing public transportation. The tango scene is quite...

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